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Since a September earthquake hit Chiapas, we have been helping some of our CHW colleagues and patients whose homes were damaged or destroyed get back on their feet.  We would be so grateful if you would contribute whatever you are able to this effort.   


REFORMA, CHIAPAS, MEXICO - NOVEMBER 6, 2017: Georgina Díaz just gave birth to her fourth son (yet to be named when we arrived, he had been born 12 days earlier). She was on maternity leave through Compañeros En Salud, but normally takes care of 5 patients with chronic illnesses including diabetes, hypertension and depression. This was a follow-up visit from the previous year [see story on]. She had since finished building her home down the road and moved in with her sons. The first earthquake hit while they were living there, and a crack formed in the home’s largest wall. They were forced to abandon the building until it can be repaired. She’s temporarily living in her parents’ home.

  Earthquake damage left a home inhabitable in Reforma. Photo by Dr. Assad Daniel Saad Manzanera / Partners In Health

Earthquake damage left a home inhabitable in Reforma. Photo by Dr. Assad Daniel Saad Manzanera / Partners In Health

Leslie Friday of Partners In Health recently visited Chiapas and shared this account:

Following the October 7 earthquake off the west coast of Chiapas, several community health workers (CHWs) living in Reforma either lost their entire homes, portions of their homes, or had family members who were displaced. CHW Laura Ruedas of Reforma lost her home and several members of her family did as well. They all live along the same hillside, which must have been particularly affected when the quake, 8.a on the Richter scale, struck.
One striking story is that of Georgina Diaz, the CHW in Reforma with whom I spent a good amount of time in March 2016. She had just finished building her new stone and mud brick home for herself and her three boys (while pregnant with the 4th son), when the earthquake hit and created a large crack through the largest section of the posterior wall.
It was just after midnight, Georgina said, when the earthquake hit. A full 9 months pregnant, she ran to wake up her three sons and they tried to open the front door. The quake had compressed the metal so much already that they couldn’t turn the door latch. They rushed to the back of the house to open that door, then escaped to the backyard. Aftershocks continued through the night, so they stayed outside and slept little, if at all.
The following day, Georgina inspected her house and saw the crack in her back wall, that the roof of her outdoor kitchen had also collapsed, and decided it was too dangerous for her family to continue living there. She moved everyone to her father’s home half a block up the road until she can find the means to repair the wall.

Please join us in making any contribution that you're able to.

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